A son takes his Italian immigrant father to his first baseball game.  It
happens that it's Old Timer's Day at Yankee stadium and all the baseball
greats are there.  The son escorts his father to box seats right on the
third base line and seats him with beer and a Yankees cap.
	The first batter up is Mickey Mantle.  On the second pitch he
swings that bat and CRACK!  The ball ricochets off the wall for a double.
The crowd goes crazy and the father stands up and yells, "Runna Mickey!
Runna Mickey!"
	The next batter up is Joe DiMaggio.  The pitcher, pitching him
carefully, works him to a 3-2 count and just misses the outside corner.
	"Ball four!" yells the umpire and Joe tosses his bat aside and begins
to walk to first base.
	The father yells out, "Runna Joe!  Runna Joe!"
	"No, no, Pop," corrects his son.  "He got four balls.  He walks."
	And the old man clenches his fist and says solemnly, "Walka proud
Joe.  Walka proud."