Hackathon Moose (or other Ex-Magnificent-Forest-Creature) Barbecue

30 cups oil
15 cups Soy sauce
5 cups Worcestershire Sauce
40 tsp dry mustard
20 tsp black pepper
10 cups lemon juice
10 cups white vinegar
80 cloves crushed garlic

About 75 pounds of boneless meat (moose, deer, elk, beef - try chicken
too).  For reference this is roughly an entire large dressed (Alberta
size) whitetail deer, with some moose and beef thrown in for good
measure. I've never tried finding enough chickens for a hackathon.

Mix all of the above together, and marinate meat for a few hours
before grilling. Dribble marinade over meat while grilling.  Also
works well with vegetables on the grill, or meat and vegetable
kebabs. The above proportions will require about 50 bell peppers and
25 large onions to make decent kebabs (for a large family meal, divide
everything by about 20, and leave out the drunk Germans providing the
ambience while you grill).