Moved to permanant storage.

build 'blogchan' - an imageboard engine designed for blogging. Implementation details are hazy at best

Write something about how encryption is pointless when all your contacts are using proprietary operating systems.

Do a writeup on the MSR Dragonfly, the Thinkpad of Backpacking Stoves. It can run on white gas (naptha), standard motor vehicle gasoline, two-stroke gas, kerosene, and diesel. Although other MSR stoves can run on liquid fuel and canisters, they lack the ability to burn diesel reliably. Further testing with dyed/undyed diesel is required.

Project where I install various operating systems in a vm. I will set up a mitm proxy and wireguard to capture packets so that I can write something about how much spyware is installed and enabled by default. Of course, placing these operating systems inside of a virtual machine will instantly set a flag that the system is being observed but I assume that they will still act as normal despite this flag.

I actually need to do a reorganization. Present me cannot understand why past me has home, about, and contact all on separate pages. I need to consolidate and possibly make the portfolio page more readable. The Resources page should also be renamed to links and a redirect be added.

Website redesign. Nothing big, just change colors and layout slightly. Possibly reduce total number of CSS rules.

Gitchain: git backed by blockchain. The purpose is to establish a chain of trust from committers and enable cryptographic verification that vouches for authenticity of source code. This would also remove the But how do we know the first key in this long chain of keys that iterate in lockstep with major release versions wasn't compromised? issue. Implementation details are hazy at best. Incentivizing mining is probably impossible. Apparently this idea already exists and I didn't even know it was a thing. is basically the idea I am proposing except it's a fucking docker container with smart contracts (aka NFTs). I can't possibly imagine why this wasn't the github killer

Create an ideas page

Read cryptocurrency whitepapers and write Shitcoin Reviews

Find a new distro because of all the nonsensical deprecations in RHEL 9 are coming to fedora first

Learn more about and advocate for anonymizing overlay networks for when the RESTRICT and EARN IT acts pass

Make a 'press kit' style set of stickers about the idea of technological cognitohazards and the idea that words on a screen can even qualify as a 'mental health hazard'

Learn algorithms so I can reduce my total stack exchange usage to 0 when programming in C