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Reclaiming your Freedom and Privacy

Clean up any residual data you have. Delete the accounts you can and fill the ones you can't with garbage data. This means nothing if you insist on continuing to use a nonfree operating system.

Data Detox Kit Reeks of global homogeneity but it's a good place to start and stop if you're hellbent on staying addicted to social media.

Privacy Tools Massive list of tools but incomplete as it doesn't explicitly condemn proprietary software.

Prism Break Massive list of tools. It's a bit outdated but it explicitly condemns proprietary software so it's objectively better.

Operating systems

If you're serious about privacy and freedom, you need to replace your proprietary operating system.


I do not endorse any non RHEL sponsored Linux distribution with the exception of Gentoo. Most of the user friendly distributions have insecure security policies where they default to allow rather than default to deny. Still though, I must emphasize, Any Linux distribution is miles better than using any proprietary operating system.

Fedora Project Although Fedora has it's issues, it balances usability while limiting anti-features. It's reliable yet fresh: a perfect mix of features and stability. I run Fedora on my laptop and am very satisfied. For the unitiated, Fedora is a good initiatory operating system. Most things can be accomplished through the GUI and most server administration tasks can be accomplished through Cockpit. Everything that requires a shell for manual intervention is well documented and intuitive.


FreeBSD FreeBSD is a great "I know what I want now shut up and let me build the damn thing myself" operating system. It's reliable and flexible. FreeBSD IS NOT ENTIRELY BULLETPROOF BY DEFAULT so you should consult man security. I run FreeBSD on my other laptop and am very happy with it.

OpenBSD It's a great no nonsense general purpose operating system. I run it on my servers and my workstation. I find debugging somewhat more difficult on OpenBSD but their source code is a great example.

NetBSD A traditional BSD. I don't use it much but when I do it's an enjoyable experience.

Fun Operating systems

9front 9front is an actually maintained fork of Plan 9 from Bell Labs. It feels like a fever dream but many of the design concepts are interesting.

Haiku Haiku is a modern BeOS inspired operating system. I think it'll be in a perpetual beta state but it's entirely viable for daily use.

Shrine TempleOS for TCP/IP heretics

Learning Linux and UNIX

My guide on installing Linux Fedora specific.

The Linux Command Line book Good place to start, linux specific but very comprehensive.

The Linux Bible Noob to RHEL admin in ~2 months or less. Look on libgen

Posix Shell Scripting Posix specific shell scripting guide

FreeBSD Handbook very helpful

OpenBSD FAQ very helpful

When all else fails

$ man man
$ man intro
$ man help
$ man builtins
$ man $(echo $SHELL | awk -F\/ '{print $NF}')

Search engines

DuckDuckGo Scrapes results from many websites and uses it's own crawler. This means it's not entirely immune to search result censoring but it's better than nothing.

Wiby Search engine for websites containing minimal CSS and little or no JavaScript.

MetaGer I've not used this search engine much. It looks promising but it might be snake oil.

mojeek Claims to be privacy oriented. Search results are mixed.

Searx Self hosted search engine. Choose one from the list or host your own.

YaCy Self hosted peer to peer search engine.

Other tools

FSF's guide to GPG GPG is the only way to make email private. Email was not designed to be private. If you are transmitting private information over email, you need to be using GPG.

cool but obscure unix tools

Obscure X tools motif required.

Web Development

Mozilla's guide for beginners Whatever they tell you to do here, do the opposite. Use vim and test against all the browsers you can get your hands on. If it doesn't work in lynx, it doesn't work at all.

My guide on building a web server Many people will tell you to run Nginx on Ubuntu. Don't listen to them. OpenBSD httpd is easy to use and is designed to prevent many foot shooting incidents. If you need more, try Apache on FreeBSD (shoot foot here).


cprogramming.org baby's first hello world

ncurses tutorial using ncurses for TUI programs

Plan 9 C You can get this to run on UNIX via plan9port.

bchs - BSD, C, httpd, sqlite

ShellcheckStatic analysis for shell scripts.

Nuklear A cross platform GUI toolkit written in ANSI C

When all else fails:

$ man 3 $function
$ apropos $function

useful debugging tools include:

$ gcc -ggdb -Wall -Wextra main.c
$ gdb ./a.out
$ valgrind ./a.out

Other Sites

Cheapskate's Guide to Computers and The Internet Guides and philosophy on cheap computing, internet privacy, self hosting, etc

sizeof(cat) Guy who talks about cybersec, privacy, pentesting, etc

tinfoil-hat He hosts various frontends for proprietary services (nitter, invidious, etc) and has a link list.

unixsheikh UNIX and Linux related articles and tutorials, software development, internet, opinion pieces, etc.

RSS Feeds

OpenBSD Journal OpenBSD news

Fedora Magazine How-to guides and useful resources for Fedora

Klara Systems FreeBSD and ZFS related articles. Very helpful.

Red Hat Developer Red Hat specific articles.


Baby's first Linux shows

Linux Unplugged Very consumer centric but a good resource for new users to learn about what's out there.

Late Night Linux Generic Linux show, still good for new users to learn what's out there.

Bad Voltage Bantering Linux cynics.

Floss Weekly A decent amount of TWiT consumer nonsense but some of the interviews are very good.

Darknet Diaries Hacking/Pentesting stories.

I've become so tired of all the hype around meme distros

BSD Now BSD related news and tips.

2.5 Admins Sysadmin related news, tips, etc. Lots of ZFS.

Coder Radio General cynicism towards technology as a whole.

The Opinion Dominion Technology adjacent, miscellaneous rambling, light cynicism.

Link Lists

/g/'s Based Sites a few /g/entoomen came together and mirrored the original version of this site after the initial maintainer disappeared. Lots of stuff here. This link now points to my own site.

Big list of personal sites You can add your own.

Neocities Lots of personal websites here.


motherfuckingwebsite a website.

bettermotherfuckingwebsite a better website

bestmotherfuckingwebsite The best website

thebestmotherfuckingwebsite The best website. The previous website, is in fact, much better.

Rust in a nutshell Archived from youtube

Software Defects Considered Harmful Rust dev mentality

Is your son a computer hacker?

linusrants Dataset of Linus Torvalds' rants on mailing lists.

Program in C Ariel listen to me. OO languages? It's a mess. Programming in C is better than anything they got over there. The syntax is so much sweeter where objects and subtypes play but frills like inheritance will only get in the way. Admire C's simple landscape: Efficiently dangerous. No templates of fancy pitfalls . . . like Java and C++. Program in C. Program in C. Pointers, assembly, manage your memory with malloc() and free()! Don't sink your app with runtime bloat. Software in C will stay afloat. Do what you want there close to the hardware. Program in C.

SUCKS - software that sucks

Boycott wayland Wayland is not ready as a 1:1 compatible Xorg replacement just yet, and maybe never will.

nosystemd.org Because pid #1 doesn't need to to journaling, authentication, networking, directory management, DNS resolution, manage devices, ntpd, crond, inetd, or be it's own bootloader.


nandgame Web game where you build circuts

The Distribution of Users’ Computer Skills: Worse Than You Think This study has helped me with imposter syndrome numerous times. You are in fact smarter than the average bear.

installgentoo wiki Somewhat useful wiki. Filled with memes and shitposts.

Music map music discovery tool

Why OpenBSD rocks A list of cool features found in OpenBSD

pkgsrc A cross platform source based package management system. Originally from NetBSD