Server Software used in the various sites of the Lainchan Webring

I iterated through the sites in the lainchan webring and grabbed their headers. This was initially to check which were still up but I realized that some http daemons include their name in the headers. Results in an easily redable format

The current state of servers that haven't died yet looks like this:

x220$ cat lainchan-servers | sort | uniq  -c | sort -r 
  62 Server: neocities
  34 Server: nginx
  14 Server: Apache
   9 Server:
   7 Server: cloudflare
   4 Server: pages-server
   4 Server: OpenBSD httpd
   1 Server: openresty
   1 Server: lighttpd
   1 Server: ddos-guard
   1 Server: Netlify

pie chart of the above data

Server SoftwareCountPercentage
neocities 62 44.9%
nginx 34 24.6%
Apache 14 10.1% (pages)9 6.5%
cloudflare 7 5%
pages-server (codeberg) 4 2.8%
OpenBSD httpd 4 2.8%
openresty 1 0.7%
lighttpd 1 0.7%
ddos-guard 1 0.7%
Netlify 1 0.7%

Some extra information: 140 sites are online, 25 are offline, this totals to 165 sites. Of the online sites, 138 of them sent the HTTP Server: header (meaning that only 2/140 did not send the header). This data is probably as accurate as it can get.

I want to start a new webring where members must run their own webserver. Realizing that lainchan webring is ~1/2 abandoned neocities web pages really made me think. A higher quality webring would be possible if everyone runs their own webserver because there is some incentive to keep it updated when it costs you $5-$10/month to run and $10/year to keep your domain name registered. Email me if you are interested.